The principle of Coil Coating

As an expert in this field, I can also support you in the area of coil coating.

Coil Coating is an industrial process for the continuous organic coating of steel and aluminium coil. Coil and sheet material that has been precoated in this way is predominantly found in industrial applications like architecture, car manufacture, appliance, and general industry uses. Its outstanding characteristics comprise corrosion resistance, formability and an abundance of possible coloured hues, gloss grades and textures.

Source: Voestalpine, Linz: Colofer
Source: Salzgitter AG

Benefits of the production process

  • Uniform quality of the coating
  • High formability
  • High resistance against corrosion and wear

With my enterprise DR.SANDER surface technologies, I am ready to support you in the pursuit of current development topics based on the coil coating process. Among these are:

  • Antifingerprint coatings
  • Electrocoats
  • Chromium-free passivation
  • Chromium-free conversion treatment
  • Universal 2-in-1 primer-pretreatment
  • "White Goods" coating systems
  • Interior fuel tank coatings / Bio-Diesel
  • Zinc replacement / severe corrosion protection
  • Anti-scaling coatings
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